About us

Who we are

Catalunya-Casamance is a nonprofit organisation, run by a group of Catalans and the “diola” ethnic group of the Senegalese population.

Our object is to contribute to the development of the region of Casamance (Senegal), where we have been working since 2007. We are legally registered under the Organisation Registry Agency of Catalunya in Spain and Senegal.

Where we are

We mainly work in the town of Kafountine and the surrounding districts. Kafountine is a coastal town, with a population of approximately 25,000, inhabitants, situated in the South of Senegal in the region of Casamance, between Gambia and Guinea Bissau. The life in general revolves around the banks of the River Casamance and the surrounding mangrove marshes. Kafountine is situated in the North Coast of the region, bordering Gambia.

Catalunya Casamance

What we do

Our main line of action is education. Since we opened the first free literacy school for adults we have had many pupils in our classrooms and this has prompted us to grow and expand our actions.

How we finance our projects

The main expenses for running the school are: The local teacher’s salaries, electricity and water. As we do not want to be solely dependent on foreign aid to cover these expenses, the project is designed to be self sufficient through money earned from: tourist accommodation, food, renting of bicycles, airport transfers from Banjul to name but a few. These services are all arranged through the school.