Talibés from Kafountine

In early 2016 we started a new project called “The talibés of Kafountine”. Our goal was to build a modern daara (shelter) for the so-called Talibés children and provide them with food, education and comprehensive care to improve their living conditions. The Senegalese government approved a law against street child begging, but unfortunately due to the opposition from the great marabouts of the saint city of Touba, the implementation of this law has been suspended.

The talibés are children between 5 and 15 years old that come from families with scarce resources and are given to a Marabú (Koran teacher) to take care of their livelihood and religious education. On many occasions, these children end up being forced to beg, living in precarious conditions, with no education, poor diet and many physical and psychological problems.

Next January 2018 we will inaugurate a new school for children of the district of Santassou in Kafountine. We hope to be able to integrate Taliban children into this center when the local government finally enforces the law that prohibits child begging.