Our projects

Adult schools

Since we opened the first adult school in Kafountine we haven’t stopped working to enlarge and improve and we now have 3 schools, 2 in Senegal and 1 in The Gambia, and every year all of them have many students eager to learn.

Children schools

Our aim is to end illiteracy by starting school at any early age. When young children attend school their mothers can work freely and the older siblings can also attend school, rather than be at home looking after their brothers and sisters. Actually we have one school in Kabar neighbourhood (open since 2011) and  one in the neighbourhood of Santossou (open since 2018).

Talibés from Kafountine

The Talibés are children between 5-15 years old, whom are forced in to begging in the streets. Actually we are working to improve the healthcare and education of this children.

Other projects

During these years we have been conducting various temporary projects, depending on the human and economic resources available and the need encountered.